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  • Need a New Central Air Unit

    Alright guys I actually have a question I an ask in here. My central air died over the weekend. It wasnt all that great even when it did work but I am fairly sure its died its final death now. I own an old colonial 2 story with 1500 sqr feet. The system is set up right now to push into the furnace fan which blows it through the house. I actually need a new furnace really soon too. What kind of options do I have? I am sorta clueless. Can you get some kind of combo unit. What kind of system should I be looking at for the AC? Brand?



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    You did not metion which type of fuel you are using. If it is a gas furnace you should consider a add-on heat pump. The heat pump heats your home at temps above 32 degrees and then your regular furnace takes over. Also I believe your electric supplier is FirstEnergy, they have special electric rates for heat pumps. Get a quality name brand furnace and HP such as Carrier or Trane, you cant go wrong.


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      thanks for the reply geoken,

      I am using Gas. An HVAC guy is comming to look at my system later today. I'll have to look in to the whole heat pump thing.

      I'll pry post whatever the HVAC dude tells me today.

      Thanks again, Josh


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        Lennox, you will be happy with the Signiture series. call your local Service Experts Co., They know their stuff


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          Personally i find i like these with all the added bells and whistles. They work quite well.