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    I'm a young head and i need some old wisdom. I need to replace the TPR on an old GE residential boiler, the kind that is about 5' tall, green and at first glance looks like a water heater. There are no pressure ratings on the device and the boiler has no specs. What do i replace it with?

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    Look on the T@P valve itself. There should be a temp and pressure reading on it.

    The older boilers usually have a boiler plate with all the specs stamped somewhere around the firebox. Pull the plate from in front of the firebox and look inside there and on the back of the plate.. You should be able to get the serial and model number of your unit somewhere around there. One other place to look is on the backside of the unit near the floor. It sounds strange but one manufacturer put it there years ago though I can't remember which one.

    With that information go to your nearby supply house and they will give you what you need. Actually they wont give it to you but they will be happy to sell it to you.

    Also go to

    This page will give you all of the pertinent information you need.

    A few questions; Are you replacing the TPR because it is leaking or because you were advised to?

    If the valve is "leaking" have you determined why?

    If the valve is simply working as designed you may have another problem in your system causing high tempretures or pressures in which case a new TPR will also "leak".

    Since you are new to boilers could I suggest having a boiler repairman out for your first service work? Talk to him while he is there and ask questions. Some folks are intimidated by boilers but if you take your time and think things through they are actually very basic. In MHO you have the most comfortable and quietest heat available.
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      Okay try

      Read up on what they have to say.

      Notice they are a USA made company with USA made boilers. 98% domestic labor and parts.

      Sorry the first link did not work. To go directly to that link google the words (watts boiler TP valves) The first link will take you directly to the page I tried to get you to.
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