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low mass vs high mass boilers

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  • low mass vs high mass boilers

    Hi Folks,

    I am attempting to make sense out of one characteristic of boilers, that being their mass.

    I am attempting to understand the pros and cons
    of the above two types of boilers. Can anybody
    offer and advice?

    My understanding (which is NOT from experience)
    is that low mass boilers allow one to minimize
    energy lost when the boiler stops. Obviously a
    bonus is that hot water occurs sooner. Maybe
    a "cost" is that the materials may not be as
    rugged over time(?) and that design specs may
    have to be better as the low mass boiler may be
    more likely to bring about flue gas condensation?
    (though if it was designed well (stainless) then
    this might bring about a significant boost to

    any further comments? I welcome them

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    go to then go to the wall then ask your ? they will help you a lot jeff