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draining condensate trap

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  • draining condensate trap

    If I am not allowed to ask DIY questions, forgive me.
    Our Lennox Pulse 21 is running intermittently. Upon reading and researching we are 99% sure our condensate trap is the culprit. I am not too keen on cutting off the bottom of the PVC monstrosity that is our condensate trap. Nor am I too keen on hubbys idea to shop vac it (sounds reasonable but I am scared of the unknown) Is this a job ok to do on your own or is it best left to the professionals? Hubby is very mechanically inclined.

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    just below were it comes out of the furnace you should see what looks loke a coulper if you look close you will see that its a male female joint it is above the dain outlet take the drain off and unscrew the two pcs. becarful with the wrenche not to break the pvc then flush out the trap and put back together use telon tape to make it easer to come latter good luck


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      You can "suck" out any trash in the drain. of course you have to do this from outside where tha drain exits the house, using a wet/dry vac works well as long as the drain isnt too clogged up.