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  • anyone here willing to share some insight??

    i am so confused! my wife and I bought an old home about a year ago. bought it from the original owner. anyway, we have a HUGE dust problem in the house. i started looking at a few options to fix this, and noticed that in many of the ducts behind the registers, there is quite a collection of dust, schmutz, we started looking into duct cleaning.

    ok here is where i am confused. in the penny saver here, there are several carpet cleaners and the like that offer this service. most advertise for 85 bucks...some say whole house, others say up to 15 registers. once charges 134 for everything including cleaning the main. one uses the spiral brush, the other asys this is not an effective tool. anyway both of these services quote a time of 45 minutes to complete. one wants me to pull all the registers, the other does it all.

    now, i asked both what one does that the other doesn't and they both avoided that subject. one merely said they have a truck mounted unit...the other said they dont use the rotary brush as it bounces around and is not effective!

    ok now, i did a little more research and found a company that quoted me just over two hundred bucks. when i asked them how they differed from the others they told me the following...

    45 minutes is not enought time to effectively clean the system....

    they told me, unlike the others they hook up a suction down below and actually force all of the schmutz to the suction.

    they will need more than 45 minutes to clean the system properly.

    they will not charge extra if the duct is "too long"

    they will stay until the job is complete.

    they also clean the "main"

    please folks, i am so confused here. what needs to be done to ensure it is effective and i dont waste my money?

    thanks for the time

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    I have had this done twice in two different houses and believe me there is a huge diference in the quality between different organisations. I had sears come and do the first house $200ish and the $85 brand do the second house. Here is what I noticed to be the difference.
    Sears 1.5 hrs 2 guys, other 0.5 hrs 4 guys.
    Sears has a Cube Van with monster deisel vacuum system and gas driven compressor, other guys have a panel van with a small gas blower that would not start and had to wait for another van with same small vacuum (hence the 4 guys).
    Sears used compressed air with a special head designed to blow lots of high pressure air ( hence gas driven compressor) in a circular pattern. They mapped out the hot air system and blew down each duct from longest run to shortest until the 'wiffle' head appeared in the main duct (you could hear it hit bottom and the downstair guy would bag on the duct to let the upstairs guy know he could move to the next one, the other guys used a small electric leaf blower and blew air down the ducts, they did not even bother to remove the cold air return covers.
    Sears washed each and every register vent and cold air return cover, other guys laughed.
    Sears took out the furnace blower and washed it and cleaned the furnace airflow sections (not the burners and gas stuff), the other guys said you are paying for your ducts to be cleaned not your furnace.
    Sears uses a disinfectant to kill any left over mold spores etc, other guys said that was extra and when I said ok do it and I will pay you they said they didn't have any with them (in either truck .. ya right).
    Sears took me downstairs and to the cold air returns and showed me with mirrors how clean the ducts were, the other guys sealed up the hole and ran away.
    The sears truck has a heavy screen prefilter that they take you out to and sift through all the large bits and return to you your kids toys, jewelery etc ( said I would be amazed how many diamond rings they recover, no lucky finds for me), Other guys ran away leaving an oil spot in my driveway from their truck.
    After they left I called sears told them the story and they said they would come out and clean my ducts again and if there was no debris on the prefilter when they were done there would be no charge, when they were done I had a bag full of concreate chunks, wood chips and other construction debris, I gladly paid them. Took the bag of crud to the other company and got my money back.
    The moral of this story is the same for many others... 'You get what you pay for'


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      if you can go thru sears for the duct cleaning you should also consider a media type filter like spacegaurd witch is a 6" media filter or honeywell also makes a 4" media filter either one you shold get 6mos to a year une befor it has to be changed


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        my wife and i are leaning toward these folks

        also, i have a honeywell electronic air cleaner. ihave been told this is better than using those filters....any opinion one way or the other??



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          I don't mean to be a smart A-- but the dust has to be coming from somewhere. Cleaning ducts doesn't do any good if the source of the dust isn't found and eliminated. Check for leaks around the returned air filter and at the "air box" below the A coil. Usually this assembly is in a dusty environment like basements and garages. Also look for leaks in the ducts themselves, especially at the point where they connect to elbows or grates. It sounds like your system is pulling dust into the airflow. If that's true, you'll be cleaning ducts again in a few months.


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            Your skin is a huge source of dust. Then there's pets, clothing, and what's tracked in on your shoes. You can't eliminate dust - only control it.


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              Go to, then to Air Duct BBS. those guys clean ducts. The brush is called a Roto-Brush and the air hose/nozzle is called a whip. Lots of controversy about what to use and what not to use. You got lucky that the Sears folks did you a good job, not all Sears locations do a good job. As is often the case when hiring tradspeople, the small owner-operator is more consientious. Always ask for proof of liability insurance, performance bond and workers comp. No proof, don't hire them.
              Douglas Hicks, a small owner-operator
              General Fire Equipment Co of Eatern Oregon, Inc


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                "the small owner-operator is more consientious. "

                I thought Sears usually teamed up with local contractors to perform this type of work and remodeling, etc. They monitor their work of course and those that are problems are cut loose.

                Do they now have their own division which performs these services? I'm think it operates a little differently than their appliance repair service.


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                  i work for an hvac company who does duct cleaning. i have only done a couple myself. in both condos thier was two floors and about 10 registers. we took them all off and wiped them down. we rotobrushed from each register working topp to bottom of the system. the rotobrush has a vacuum on it and many different size brushes for different size ducts. we brush off the plenums (supply and return) and we brush off the blower. if you have ac or a hydro system we spray down and clean the indoor coils.we also spray some solvent in the duct to kill bactirea. a small condo took me and one other service tech. around 6 hours. also if you are having dust problems call your local hvac company and ask about electronic air cleaners they work well.
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                    its also a perennial problem for me. my wife has bad allergy for dust inside our living room and bedrooms. windows shut, doors shut,cabinets closed, airconditioned rooms most of the day, but still you get dusts after a short period of time. i wonder where those dusts are coming from...??


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                      Hope your not eating... Humans produce most of the dust in the house via the dead skin they shed


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                        thier is a system out their that will help gat rid of most of the dust but it is expensive. it zaps the dust with ultravilet lite at each register.
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