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  • Warranty

    My AC compressor died while out of town. I had a local company come in to service it. They replaced the compressor and left a $1900.00 bill. It turns out that the compressor was still under warranty but they did not check when told this. They claimed that being the second owner of this house nullified the warranty. However the manufacture when called by me said the unit is still under warranty.I'm now having some difficulty in getting them to adjust the bill or itemize it. I have not paid it yet,so I feel all is not lost. Any thoughts would be helpfull. Thanks, Tom B

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    The warrantee states the conditions of the warrantee. You might be entitled to a free compressor in exchange for following the proper procedure in returning the old one to the manufacturer. Most state laws state that you are entitled possession of your original part. The state Attorney General usually monitors contractor and manufacturer compliances. You have the money your repairman wants; they have the compressor. Seems an amicable exchange at a written contract amount is to be discussed with a legal representative.

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      The company I am employed with sells the best equipment in the buisness and our distributor preaches that even if the compressor failed just outside of warranty period it is replaced at our expense, and if owner has labor coverage it costs them nothing, or if customer dosent have coverage and complains about labor then we should discount to their liking, while they still understand that it is costing us to do work. If your the second owner then the company should offer to transfer the warranty for a processing fee and sell you an extended parts & labor warranty because now your 5 times more likely to loose another compressor, just ask some questions about the preceeding


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        a compressor warenty is valid no mater who'm owns the home. the co. is feeding you a pile. You're intiteld to a free compressor but you'll still pay the labor and aditional ref. handling cost. More than likly they have allready thrown the compressor away.