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    We are building a new home. We are shopping for a/c bids and quickly learning the pitfalls (e.g avoiding sqaure footage bids vs. Manual J0

    What are the names of some reputable A/c systems to consider? So far we have come across Goodman, American Standard, Janitrol, etc...

    Any recommendations on good brands? We cannot afford top of the line, but do not want bottom either.


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    Leigh, I actually sell the equipment to the ppl that install. I'm what you call a wholesaler. I can tell you from YEARS of experence its whats inside that counts. What i mean by this is what brand of compressor is in the unit. The biggest brand name is Copeland, which is owned by Emerson. It is by far the most common brand and the most widely sold. The only other factors are: SEER rating the higher the better on energy next year the units must be 13 or higher, the warranty of the compressor (most times seperate from the unit) and the unit it self, and last but not least the installing contractor. They must meet your comfort level and must always be willing to stand by what they install and ALWAYS be avail when an issue come up.

    hope this helps


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      One more thing: i would stay away from Janitrol and Goodman (one in the same) the cabinets of the units are light gauge steel and have few screws holding them together. You may want to have a look into: Heil, or Arcoaire (one in the same) good middle to upper of the row equip and fair prices, do to little advertising to keep the unit cost down, but are actually owned by the same company that owns Carrier, but are completly different which is a good thing !


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        yes it is whats inside, but you need a good foundation too! Look at Lennox, you won't be unhappy. I have a Lennox and was able to get on that fit my pocet book. Remember though, how long it last depends on who puts it in.