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Help with attic insulation design to stop stratification on three stories home.

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  • Help with attic insulation design to stop stratification on three stories home.

    My big brother Vince has a nice three story house located in Scot township suburb of Pittsburgh PA.
    There is a great amount of stratification and infiltration and transmission through his attic. The joists are insulated; the rafters are not, on the two sides of his house louver type vent openings, ridge vent and soft fit vent. I am a HVAC/R non-current student 6 credits away from my BS in HVAC/R, who is only 24yr. old so it takes a lot to convince my friends and family I know what I am talking about sometimes, so I ask for your greater experience.

    I suggested to use designed foam spacers for rafters to maintain roof ventilation and insulate the 24‚ÄĚcenters with either fiberglass or rigid foam insulation and to slow the infiltration of the side louver which currently act as a wind tunnel when clubbing up the drop down stairs.

    I will also be forwarding this question to my former steam teacher who used to work at the PA Collge of Tech. Weatherization center.

    All feedback will be very helpful to back my views.
    Andrew S. DeCecco<br />Sunny D HVAC<br /><br />aim archblackmage

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    The ventillated space above the attic insulation is unheated space. Ventillation is critical here. Conditioning is not. insulate the ceiling, not the roof. Eave vents and ridge/gable end/roof vents make the best job. Outside air is drawn in through the eave vents and passes out the higher vents as the roof deck warms the air on the inside surface.