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I bought the Ridgid 18 volt cordless drill.

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  • I bought the Ridgid 18 volt cordless drill.

    And now im trying to buy the recprocating Saw and can not find it with out them selling it in the combo.......Which I dont need the combo ...just the saw.......Anyone can help ?
    So hows the Ridgid working for work everone ?

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    You may want to try Ridgid online and see if you can buy one from them, or find a Ridgid tool distributor. I bought the R922 4 piece kit in Nov. and love it, by far the best I've owned yet.


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      Hey man, don't know if you're still reading these or not, but I was just looking at and saw in their "new products" section where they DO sell the recep saw by itself, did'nt see a price though. Hope this helps.


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        I was recently @ Home Depot and they had this week in there store a Ridgid Reciprocating saw on clearance for 139 dollars. Originally 199.00 I am sure i was limited quantity because they were clearing out to get in a new model. So maybe ask @ Home Depot and they can tell you where they have them perhaps @ another Home Depot. I have been to numerous stores that I had never seen the Reciprocating saw by itself though. So I think not all Home Depots might not have it. Butt I know the one in Boise Idaho Did.