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    Any out there? Model number? Thanks...

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    Need more info.... What material (copper/carbon steel/stainless/aluminum/etc) and what wall thickness (K or L copper/0.065" or 0.089" wall stainless or greater/0.125" wall steel). Any minimum bend radius requirements?

    How much/many bends do you need to make? A dozen or so, hundreds? Applies to cost of equipment (hand bender vs bench-top or machine).

    I assume you are talking about 1-1/8" OD hard drawn copper Type M, L, or ACR tube. Is this the case?


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      Speaking of soft/hard copper pipe for large residential installations or longer copper runs otherwise calling for 7/8"s. Need a hand, perhaps racheted, tubing bender to neaten up at the most a straight 90 degree turn--nothing drastic. Thanks in advance ...


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        Sounds like you need a Ridgid ratchet bender.
        These benders do not have interchangable shoes, so you need one for each size pipe you want to bend.

        I have broken these when trying to bend 1" heavy wall steel hydraulic lines. Wall thickness was 0.189" which is outside their design spec but foreman said use it any way (hey, he knows best right , anyway after the second bender bit the dust he decided to get the right equipment and we left the ratchet benders for what they were intended for. It held up for about 4 bends, we had ~22,000 ft of 1-1/8, 7/8, and 5/8" tube to install. That's over four miles.

        From Ridgid's site; Geared Ratchet Lever-Type Tube Benders These tools, with high geared mechanical ratios, bend heavy-wall steel tube (up to 1/8" wall thickness), stainless steel tube (up to 3/32" wall thickness), and hard copper water tube (types K and L). Benders produce uniform bends up to 180°, with no need to anneal tubing or use special temper grade tubing.

        Get moreinfo here:

        Don't know if Ridgid has a bender like Parker's. The Parker bender has a crank and uses gearing t drive the bender. It can be clamped in a vise or mounted on a bench. Has interchangable shoes to cover multiple sizes and comes in a nice metal storage box. Don't know the cost or model numeber of these, check a local hydraulics supply house or their website. Price may shock you but I can tell you from bending thousands of feet of tubing with the Parker bender they are one of the preferred benders out there and are built to last. you won't be replacing this one any time soon, unless someone steals it :-(

        Here's a link to the Parker Tube division catalog;

        Look at the Exatol model 424 or the pneumatic-powered model CP432.

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          Thanks for you guidence. the 7/8' model will definately come in handy but I'm back to square one on how to accurately, cleanly bend 1 1/8" OD copper. Does Ridgid have a commericial catalog or do they not make a racheted 1 1/8 at all? Thanks again