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what type of heating?

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  • what type of heating?

    I need some professional HVAC help. I'm in the process of designing a workshop at my home. Primarily it will be used for woodworking but occasionally I will work on my vehicles, lawnmower etc. I am planning to put a finishing room for wood finishing within it. What kind of heating system would be recommended. I believe in the floor radiant would minimize dust transition into the finishing room but I have been unable to determine the operating cost of in the floor radiant versus say gas-forced-air. I realize that the initial cost would be higher. Any recommendatons based on professional experience?

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    I would go with the radiant heat. The operating cost may be about the same or less than other forms of heating. It will be more comfortable to your feet where you need it and under your car, at floor level, you will feel a big difference.
    Be sure to insulate the floor correctly.

    As for a forced air furnace I would stay away from it because of the dust from your wood shop.

    With the radiant heat you may still need a portable heater to stop drafts at doors.

    And consider putting a dust collection system. It will help keep your shop clean and dust off your car.

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