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HVAC core condensation

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  • HVAC core condensation

    There is a ton of water leaking out from my air handler unit- so much so that the pan overflows faster than the water can be drained out. What I think is happening is that my core develops a lot of frost around it because my fan motor doesn't always start when the core starts getting cold. I replaced the fan motor and that didn't fix the problem. I also replaced the thermostat. Is what I think it is possible, and if it is what else could be the problem?

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    I had a similar problem last year. I am not a professional and don't play one on TV but I can give you an idea of what my friend who fixed mine said that my problems could have been.

    My lines going into the furnace and the a coil itself were frozen and all mine needed was to be cleaned and topped off with freon. (central air unit)

    My friend said that if that did not work it was possible that my a coil needed to be cleaned.

    Now it turns out that my a/c unit is not properly sized to my furnace. I have no idea what that means but it does in fact have an apparent issue with condensation because i get a lot of water coming off mine. it pours out of the tube. It was going into my floor drain but that got to be a pain so i put in a condesent pump (forgive the spelling). The pump keeps up and has solved my problem.

    Good luck


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      If its just a matter of your pan drain keeping up with your condensation run off the first thing to do is to be sure the small drain line leading from your pan to your discharge site is not partially plugged. Just disconnect the drain by the pan and rig a garden hose to the line. Let it run for a few minutes 3 or 4 should be more than enough and reconnect. When you reconnect the line to your unit be sure you install a tee with the top left open for a vent (which also can be used for a clean out of sorts). If its been over a couple of years since you had professional maintenance on your unit call someone out, it might even save you some cash if the unit is low on freon. Ask your neighbors and friends for the name of someone they trust. If you rely on the phone book check with the BBB to be sure you get someone without a lot of complaints against them.

      Be very careful of flat rate outfits as most of their techs are pressured to sell you goods and services you may not really need and most of those goods and services are overpriced.
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        The other thing you can do is check out the local building dept and ensure that a contractor is not a problem in the city.

        plumber a question for you....

        I had a "tee" in mine and it was overflowing. I looked at my dad's furnace and he did not have a tee, so I plugged the top of my that a problem?


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          It sounds like you are talking about the vent to your condensate line. Not all HVAC guys install vents in condensate lines but they should to break any siphon action.

          If your condensate terminates into a plumbing fixtue and you are in an area using the Uniform Codes then you condensate drain is considered an indirect waste line.

          If in fact the vent was over flowing, your condensate line is plugged and needs to be cleaned.

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            It sounds like your condensate drain was starting to get a little slow which would cause the water to come out of the top of the tee. A good cleaning should take care of that problem.
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