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    My home is about 2000 SQ feet.I runs all the time.It faces south all day and I have it set at 24C.Need some pointers on this issue.Tried a few things but no change.

    If anyone could help please reply.

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    Does it face a different direction at night? Just kidding.

    How cold is the air blowing out from your registers?

    Have you been trained to properly check the freon level in your unit?

    Check to be sure there is no vegetation or other items blocking the airflow to your compressor unit. Be sure the coil and fins on your condenser unit are clean and not all bent.

    Close drapes and blinds on all south and west facing windows during the daylight hours and limit cooking, clothes drying and dishwasher use to late evening or early morning hours. Even a light bulb left on all day can lead to substantial heat gains inside the home.

    When you set your thermostadt to a lower temprature does the condensor unit outside of your home kick on? Does it actually run or does it just hum? The fan inside of the condensor should also be running.
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      Do you know the tonage of the unit ? that is to say how many cooling BTU's the unit may be ? on a real generic average most size 600 sq. ft. per ton. using this formula yours should be about 3 ton. Most of the time if a unit is continuosly running it is not being satisfied by the t-stat. so the next question is the stat a mercury bulb type (if it is check the level of it to make sure it has not been bumped) if it is electronic it may be 'stuck' in the cooling mode (we usually get one or so a year). Is the filter clean ? is the outdoor unit clean ? One more possible factor is the infultrating humidity into your home. humidity is what an A/C works to take out thats why you have a drain for the "A" coil. speaking of the A coil when was the last time it was cleaned ?
      These are just some suggestions, but all of these can save a costly service call.