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How do i stop the radiator noises? Please help!

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  • How do i stop the radiator noises? Please help!

    Hi, I just moved into an apartment that has steam heat. One of the radiators whistles like a tea kettle a lot, and another just started making awful banging noises, like it had when the boiler wasn't turned on yet. The other two radiators in my place work fine, only mild hissing noises that I can sleep through fine. On the sides of the radiators there is a metal cylinder with a knob on top that can turn from open to close, with numbers such as 1/2 in between. I've never had steam heat before, and I'm a female living alone. Can someone please tell me if this is normal or how to stop the noises so I can get some sleep? Thank you!

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    Hello copper top and so sorry for the long period without an answer. How I missed your post is anyones guess. Judging by the date of your post you may already had your problem remedied. If not I suggest calling your landlord and telling him about your radiators. It sounds like whoever is in charge of starting your system did not go through the building and check the system.

    It is the responsibility of the landlord and/or the contractor who maintains the system to be sure the lines and radiators are properly drained and purged. Without seeing the system in person your description seems to be a water logged radiator.
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      its steam so periodic hissung out rad steam vents okay.
      Some places they don't work properly and need changing.
      As far as "noise" have it checked could be nothing much or something more than much.(-+)
      Depends on how well or how little the system has been maintained.
      Steam heat is good heating,quite popular many moons ago... but it usually a tad more expensive to operate.
      Steam Heat for the most part is not in vogue much today.. well in Canada its not anyway.