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Direct Vent Fireplace Problem

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  • R. M.
    started a topic Direct Vent Fireplace Problem

    Direct Vent Fireplace Problem

    The pilot light on my direct vent fireplace stays lit on my fireplace but when the electrical switch to ignite the fireplace is switched on everything turns off including the pilot light. It does this as it makes a click sound as if a breaker is tripped. I have checked the exterior vent to make sure it is not obstructed and it appears to be OK. I can feel fresh cool air from the outside when I remove the glass window on the fireplace and I can also feel warm air from the burning pilot light coming from the exhaust vent outside so I suspect the venting is not obstructed. The pilot light burns with a nice blue flame as I believe it should. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

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    robert, this system works on millivolt. typically anywhere from 250-750 millivolt. if nothing has changed with the system, i would look for a short on your valve or wiring. you can disconnect the 2 wires running fromt the switch and jump the valve. also there is a high limit switch that chould have opened. all else fails you can try replacing the thermopile/ pilot generator. much less $ than a gas valve. if you have a good electrical tester, meter you can read the millivolts at the valve without the main gas burner running. my guess is a short.


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