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  • icestore

    Has anyone worked with ice storage used for cooling. I just did a service call on the chiller and need to know if there should have been a hot gas bypass installed due to low water temp. (24F).

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    In all of the ice storage sytems I have been involved with have had either hot gas bypass or economizers, I don't know any other way to control low temps unless a cycling low limit control was used. That would not be good for refrigeration equipment.


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      is the 24 deg temp in the storage tanks? if so - that is ok. from your ref. storage tank special pumps pump the liquad ref. to the miles of tubes in the banks flooding them. the compresor, be it screws or cin., pull from them causing the ref. to boil off absorbing heat energy lowering the temp of water. after wile you form ice on the tubes. the compresors compress the boiled off ref and push it to the condensor ( cooling tower) condensed ref runs back to the ref storage cell. You'll find mor than likely a floating valve or glorified txv in line after the tower holding back the ref. untill it is fully condensed. That's ice storage in a nut shell. good luck