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  • Janitrol

    I am a sevice tech in mi.for HVAC and though janitrol would not be my fist choice the truth is there is no such thing as a problem free brand out there.It isn\t so much the unit itself but any of the electronics and motors are all or mostly made in mexico.I have taken new parts off my truck that would not work or have failed in a matter of weeks,frustrating yes but something that a previous administration did with nafta.

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    I generaly use oem replacement parts and have verry few call backs. a little more money but usualy for some reason better than after market parts. and i wont sell janitrol.

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      Years ago when my farther was running the business we only used rebuilt parts and the call backs were crazy. No I spend the extra money for the best replacement parts I can get. There is nothing worse then being called out at night to replace a part under warrenty


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        Not sure what the purpose of this post was, but if it is to slam janitrol, i have a different opinion. On the advice of a tech that i work with who has had a janitrol unit in his place for 7 years, i installed one three years ago. i have not had a single problem since. I'm sure only time will tell, but so far my experience has been good, epecially for $400


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          for 400$ you can expect 3- 6 years if your lucky. LOL, but lets face it, at least this is true in my area, only the techs that don't care about quality and just want the side job profet install janitrole " Janijunck" . You show me a man who refuses to sell Janitrole and there you have a man who is looking out for your intrest's. In the hvac ind. you most of the time get what you pay for.