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How to replace intake plenum box?

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  • How to replace intake plenum box?

    I need to build a new intake plenum box under my air handler. The old one is a mess inside and is beginning to sag a bit on the top.

    My problem is that the air handler sits on top of the old box (updraft air flow) and has soldered copper refridg. tubing. The big output duct is attached to the top of the unit too. If I'm lucky, I can move the unit maybe 1.5" up and 1.5" down without damaging any ref. tubing or duct, maybe less. In other words, there is no way I can move it very much while I take the old box out from under it.

    The only thing I can think of is to gain access to the inside of the plenum box (cut a hole in side of box) and build a frame out of lumber to hold up the air handler, then cut away the old box. But I can't make the frame support the air handler directly: because the handler is sitting on the old box, there will be a small, square "ring" of the old box sandwiched between the frame I build and the air handler.

    This can't be that hard of a problem, likely professionals do this a hundred times a day out there. But how do you do it without disconnecting the freon tubing and ducting and moving the air handler?

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    use steel for supports,and seal it up with ductboard.Might not be pretty,but saves some time.

    (no combustible materials in the ducting.)