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Air Conditioner not cooling

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  • Air Conditioner not cooling

    Due to some business work i was out of the town. On back to home i turned on my Btu-12000 window air conditioner . Fan and compressor were running but it blowing the hot air. On troubleshooting i have found that compressor shuts down after few minutes and repeating the same pattern every time i turned it on. What might be the problem or how can i solve it by myself.
    Fixing An air Conditioner help me solve the problem

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    loss of refrigerant or plugged coils. both require a full tear down. probably not worth the repair for a 1 ton window shaker.

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      my guess is it is not user fixable, my guess is there may be low pressure ,or heat, or over load, switch and it is shutting down to protect the compressor, and that is why it is cycling,

      If the compressor is running and no cooling I would guess it has lost its refrigerant from some kind of leak, (just guessing) but taking it to a good AC person is my suggestion, or replacement

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        Could also be a blocked condenser.


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          Feritz, is your air conditioner okay already? I hope it is; but in-case not you can search some sites that offers maintenance services or you can go to your nearer HVAC system maintenance in your place. Like what we did, we ask our friends if they know someone and luckily yes. So my A/C is now okay.


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            Originally posted by anthonywebb
            I was also facing similar problem with my AC few days back. I clean outside radiator coils and was sure that AC is not getting sufficient air so I have changed its position. I cleaned almost everything inside and luckily it worked. My AC is working absolutely fine now and no problem with heat recovery ventilation.
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              upgrade to a fujitsu split and save the bucks.....................


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                Back when I bought my first house I didn't switch my filter out for probably 8 months. Lines and coil iced up because of lack of air flow. I felt pretty stupid when my HVAC guy pulled out the filter ;-p
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