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  • Furnace Filter Door Latches

    Does anyone sell a decent aftermarket door latch for furnace filter doors. Mine has a nasty piece of metal bent in to a sort of loop at both ends and you have to push it into the slot. It is always a pain to pull them in or out but today both of them somehow got bent and cannot be slid in.

    I wonder of there are decent door latches that can be fitted that would make opening and closing this door a simple task.

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    zip screws. they come in a variety of lengths. LOL

    but no, i havent heard of any kind of replacement tabs you need

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Having re-read my original post I realize I did not word it correctly. What I meant to say was the problem is with the return air register which is in the ceiling and opens down. The filter is situated just behind it and nowhere near the furnace which is a Rheem. The register size is 14 X 30. I was thinking about possibly replacing the register cover with something else or maybe installing some other kind of general purpose latch on the face of the cover.


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        Do you have a loose door on your Goodman or Janitrol furnace? A brand new Janitrol, Goodman furnace door clip latches. This furnace door clip, help you in latch replaces.