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Return air vents in basement

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  • Return air vents in basement

    I'm in the process of finishing a room in my basement and would like to add some return air vents and run the supply ducts along the outside walls (non-load bearing) down to the floor. The interior wall is a load bearing wall that runs the length of the basement and the trunk lines are on the other side of the load bearing wall (not in the room I'm finishing). It is only an 11 block basement (7'4" from floor to the bottom of the joists). I don't believe it is permissable to cut the double plate to run the return air down the load bearing wall and the code requires the space under any bulkheads to be 6'6" minimum. Is there a way to run a return air vent or is it not possible in this case?

    The only idea I had so far was to create a bulkhead in the room I'm finishing but with the low ceiling, I would prefer not to do that.

    Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.

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    For return air ventis you should think of installing grill covers on the wall that have operating louvers. Grill with louvers are inexpensive and helps to bring too much air which create more suction in the room which need cool air.