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American Standard VS Trane

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  • American Standard VS Trane

    Or is it Trane VS American Standard?
    Both brands are made in Tyler Texas, same factory, same address.

    In 2010 I replace the house Temp-Star with an American Standard AC/Gas furnace
    I called the same company that did that install and they told me Trane and American
    Standard are the same and Trane dropped the American Standard name brand????

    I just ordered a new Trane 2 tone gas pack [ac/gas heater] for the second floor area.
    This will be replacing a 1990 vintage Temp-Star.

    Any information regarding the two brands would be appreciated

    Cactus Man

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    American Standard wasnt dropped. it is Trane's 'lesser' brand. it is built a little cheaper, with fewer controls, a different color, and a lesser price.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Just to follow up.....

      American Standard and Trane merged November 28, 2007

      For you Ham Radio folks the American Standard split system..4 ton air, and gas furnace
      does not generate RFI/EMI. Lennox has noisy fan control challenges.

      Trane claims their 2 ton Gas-Pack does not generate RFI/EMI....
      My installer will be on the telephone with their engineers to determine if
      there is indeed a filter kit...usually an AC line filter, shielded control wires,
      and ferrite beads.

      I'll report back next week.

      Cactus Man


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        I grew up just south of Tyler Tx but moved to Georgia my senior year in high school. Soon thereafter I bought a house very close to a supply house that carried Trane. 10 years later I was chatting with a high school friend in Texas and found out he was a truck driver for Trane, stopping a mile from my house for years without me knowing it.

        That has nothing to do with the original post but what the heck................



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          Well the new Trane 2 ton gas-pack system is installed.
          The technicians were very good, very professional, meticulous,
          and left the area cleaner than when they arrived.

          The crane operator was simply amazing removing the old unit and raising the
          new unit to the second floor. He threaded the units between two large
          pine trees and did not upset a single pine needle!

          The unit runs quietly and no radio interference. I did however asked them
          to attach some Fair-rite mix-31 split ferrite beads on the L1 and L2 power leads at their
          circuit board. I also had them place some mix-31 split beads on both sides of the
          thermostat control wire.

          Cactus Man


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              I like the Armana/Goodman brand. I've had great luck with there products, but I'm a Plumber, not a HVAC guy. I know alot of guys in the HVAC field that swear by them though. I believe there made in Houston, TX.
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