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  • Thermostat

    Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!
    I recently installed a new Sensi thermostat at home. With the recent cold snap I realized my auxiliary heat is not working. Everything else seems to be working correctly. I believe I may have a wire in the wron6 spot. Can anyone help?

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    I'm not familiar with this thermostat but since there are no other responses here are my thoughts.

    It sounds like you installed the thermostat yourself so you probably have the manual. If not here is a link to it.

    Page 4 shows the connections you should have made including the connection for aux heat. I would check that first.

    If it looks correct is is possible the aux heat has failed - either due to a wiring issue from the thermostat or some failure in the aux heat system itself. I would suggested opening up the air handler unit and checking that the connection to the control board is okay. Hopefully you also have a manual for the heat pump which should give details about how to manually check the aux heat which can be done by energizing the control wire but you would also probably need to have the fan running.

    If that that point you are stumped you may have to look at calling an HVAC service person to look at your system.


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      In the initial setup you will likely need to configure the the thermostat to the parameters of your system. ie single stage with aux, 2 stage etc.


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        Better you get help from a HVAC professional.