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    How Long Does a Hot Water Heater Last?

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    As far as I know the claim is water heaters have an average life span of 8 to 12 years. From personal experience, it seems that you can extend that time with good installation and a quality brand.

    If you are having an issue though, you might be able to fix it with maintenance instead of full replacement.


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      Originally posted by HarleyKelvin View Post
      How Long Does a Hot Water Heater Last?

      They all range honestly, I've been to customers house that have had a 22year old water heater an I've installed some that go bad within a day (pretty rare) luck of the draw and things these days are meant to fail.


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        Depending on the interior quality of parts in the water heater and whether you have followed keeping the schedule of draining and flushing the tank every year. Water heaters can last up to 20-25 years and if you are lucky to even more but it totally depends upon the quality as well.

        Some of the contributing constituents involved in the lifespan of your Water Heater are:

        Water Quality?any standing water in a stopping tank causes corrosion over time, but pH levels, chlorine content, debris, minerals, and impurities are increased corrosiveness factors.
        Location ? is it located internal the home where temperatures do not fluctuate drastically or in a self-parking or a crawl space or an attic or an outside service room.
        Maintenance ? do you do maintenance on your water heater like you would your HVAC system or your car?
        Water Pressure ? huge water pressure to your home is no different than high blood stress in your body.
        Quality - Just like with everything you can purchase, there are different varieties and prices of water heaters. Some have adhesive linings and larger anode rods which last longer.

        How to extend the lifespan of your Water Heater:
        A seasonal flushing of the water heater is recommended by all of the manufacturers. Despite if it hasn?t been flushed in 5 years, we do not recommend starting now.

        Do an annual examination of the water heater itself by looking for rust drips on the outside or water in the pan beneath or just around the base. Even though they corrode from the inside; if there are signs of corrosion on the outline, that's a good indicator it is corroding on the inside as well.


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          The house my parents bought in 1957 had a 40 gallon cabinet style electric WH, age unknown at that time. Shortly after we moved in, Dad moved the WH from the kitchen to the basement. When I sold that house in 1997 (40 years later), the same WH was in service and working. Water was from a public utility and was very soft. My dad religiously flushed the unit every 6 months. I'd be willing to bet nothing we could buy today would last anywhere near that long.


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            I have changed out 50-60 year old electric wtr/htrs not because they were leaking but because they no longer worked
            SINCE JAN. 1989


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              Thanks to all for sharing your experience.


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                Good installation is the key. Make sure that you check the gas pressure and adjust if necessary