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Goodman Furnace not heating

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  • Goodman Furnace not heating

    I am having two issues.

    First issue I am having is with the Furnace FAN. It won't turn on when thermostat is set to HEAT mode and FAN is in AUTO mode. If I turn the FAN to ON it works fine.

    When I put the FAN into AUTO or ON mode and observe the furnace, I do hear the inducer motor turning ON which shuts down after around a minute.

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    could be a thermostat that is not working, some (older) furnaces had a thermostat in the heat exchanger or above it, that would turn on the fan, have not played much with furnaces in 20 years,

    is the furnace lighting? if the furnace not lighting, it will not heat up to turn on the fan,
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      You need heating in Florida in June?


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        if you have a grey colored Goodman furnace the fan is controlled via a timer and relay on the main circuit board. The FAN ON setting is often a different speed tap on the motor. So, you may have a bad board or a bad motor winding. As said above, if the furnace isnt firing, then the timer wont start.

        Most of the newer Goodman furnaces have LED codes that are visible through a window in the blower door panel. Most of the LEDs are located slightly to the left of the window hole.

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          Originally posted by blue_can View Post
          You need heating in Florida in June?
          The system is installed in my other house in Durham, NC


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            Thanks for the answers. I will take your comments into account.