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Transit heating inspection

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  • Transit heating inspection

    Got called out to camera a Transit heating system and the drain tile.

    Sump pump not running much and water in the transit pipes. We've had LOTS of rain.

    Now I've seen a lot of transit systems but never inspected one or watched one being installed.
    All looked good until I put my camera in. Was amazed how it was installed.

    PVC until the turns and then tin duct work.
    No seal other than being pushed together.
    Water and dirt would push through the tin/PVC connections, robbing the drain tile from water.
    There were some good sized gaps between the tin and the PVC.

    Not sure if they install transit heating anymore but plumbers should install this stuff and
    glue PVC turns for proper seals.

    The drain tile was cracked and holding water in many places.
    All this was on a 20 year old home that had just sold.

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    Track home builders are not known for high quality work. They probably didn't install the tiles low enough or maintained a slope to the sump. Galvanized metal in dirt in dirt isn't good no matter how much you coat it or seal it.

    My old house that was new in 1995 had a down draft island exhaust which traveled about 10' to the exterior wall where it exhausted. I never checked but I'm pretty sure in was ran in the dirt with spiral galvanized. I'm sure the current owners are having fun with that since the soil is pretty hot in that neighborhood.


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      I'm thinking that there is little of this in other parts of the country.

      Talking about an under slab forced air duct work system.
      Was popular in my area until Legionnaires disease was known.

      Often it gets water in the line and stays there.

      Now I always thought the duct work was made of PVC but was just told
      it's often an asbestos product.

      This one had spiral tin 45's and 90's that were not sealed well at the connections.

      Abandoning them and putting in a more traditional system is what is usually done here.


      • Mightyservant
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        If it was done all in plastic and sloped to a low point with a small utility pump maybe. The problem with floor vents is that they start to fill with debris like hair pins, paper clips, pat dander, Chex party mix, pepperoni slices etc. it's gets pretty gross. Your could add filter cloth but it reduces performance.