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  • York furnace issue - clicking

    So my furnace stopped working in some way that I?ll try to explain. Didn?t use heat over summer but I got a Nest E on sale and rebate. I installed it and tested it and thermostat is fine. But there wasn?t any heat. Crank up the heat, could heat a whiny inducer motor, but no flame and inducer would then spin down. Had a HVAC come out and they replaced the gas valve assembly. Furnace did the same thing when the HVAC first fires it up but the flame ignited second time and seemed to be working. HVAC thought my issue was maybe being caused by the 3-wire between thermostat and furnace since ?4-wire is better? and also maybe it?s the Nest. NO, wire was fine before with original thermostat and compatible with Nest. Also, I hooked the old thermostat back up and it did the same thing and I told him this but got the same argument.

    However problems persisted. It was essentially the same problem other than the flame ignited now. Inducer would spin and whine (it was wearing out but still ok according to HVAC) electric pilot would light, flame would ignite, then main blower would start and last for a minute or less, then system would power down and the circuit board would start non-rhythmically clicking and inducer would just constantly slowly rev. Turning heat down then up again would start process over until recently when nothing would happen at all. 3 red blinks was constant error code which was a pressure switch notice (bleh, unlikely).

    So I ordered inducer assembly, both pressure switches, and circuit board to test with. Inducer needed to be replaced anyway so started with that and the pressure switches. No change.

    Ok so then I swapped the circuit board. Came on right away and heated my home from 60-70 with no issues. new inducer has no whine. problem fixed! Or so I thought. It started to cool inside my home and I noticed the heat dropped and furnace should have been on. I checked it and the circuit board was clicking again randomly while the inducer was sitting there just very slowly spinning. Only way to ?fix? was to drop heat level down again and back up and it worked fine. But something is still wrong and there aren?t many parts left, and none that make sense to replace.

    Any suggestions?

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    It?s even worse now. Worked great, relatively, right after installing all the new parts. But the next day it failed once. Now a week later it?s failing almost every time. If not heating (idle) and I turn up the thermostat, it kicks on like normal for a minute or so and then off. Crank thermostat down, then up again, and same. Then I checked the furnace and error code was 2 blinks red/orange (pressure switch stuck opposite as before, which is hardly likely, new switches). Cut power to unit for a minute, turn back on, no change/reset in error code. tried a hvac suggested trick from YouTube to swap the fan green wire to common (my York is less than 10yrs so has its own fan control). Then inducer fan just got stuck on. Nest showed no power error to red and wouldn?t function. But it noticed red(low power), white (heat), and common (power) we?re connected. No control input would stop the fan. No power cycles or resets or removing the nest changed the behavior. I swapped wires back and still messed up. I had to disconnect every wire to the circuit board, then reconnect as normal. Power all up. And inducer starts, heating element glows, gas lights, then gas goes off a few seconds later......... this is total crazy.

    I?m going to remove nest tomorrow, reset the system and put back original thermostat and test.


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      the nest is likely part of the problem. they rarely work in any kind of system that has circuitry because of their inherent power stealing design. (even though never versions might have a C wire connected).

      it sounds like there is a pressure fault of some sort. a heat exchanger failure, crack in a header, a blockage or some other similar cause.

      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder