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    So guys here goes a sensation that should rock the world and demonstrate how absolutely F'ed up Australian Standards are. Now I admit that I dont know much about the American Standards and how you guys arrive at such but I can sure as hell tell you about Australian Standards. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere here but Standards are used as a Benchmark, a point of reference for Regulators to control standards of workmanship being part of. Here they have committees, lots and lots of them. Here I refer to three that are important here, a 006 committee, a 003 committee and a 4575 committee. The 4575 is made up of many individuals, mainly Manufacturers(yes vested interest). Sorry this standard is Type A Gas Appliance Servicing. Now this has been going round and round for 3 plus years now and still isnt accepted. Why not you ask. Well I shouldnt speculate but it appears that the Chairman, who wears many hats including Chairman of the Gas Technical Regulators Committee(yes we get off on Committees here as you might have already worked out) as well as the 003 & 006 committees. So here goes. This is where it all goes south. Because we dont have a huge market here it is important for manufacturers to sell product. In the old days we had the Gas & Fuel Corporation. They were God of sort. Thye made sure that the Manufacturers made GOOD QUALITY, RELIABLE and SAFE appliances. We had proper testing and we had good manuals for service and reference. Oh, that cost money. In comes self regulation and competition with Certification. Now I "wouldnt suggest anything" here but we can all let our imagination work. Back to STANDARDS. 4575 discusses and sends to 003 that answers to 006 or maybe the other way around. Anyhow whatever goes on in the 4575 has to be vetted and agreed to in the 003 & 006. So even if it doesnt make sense the 4575 is just a front for manipulated outcomes. The higher committees can do whatever they want and generally do.
    Quick background:- 10 years ago two little boys lost their lives to what was ruled as carbon monoxide poisoning. Their mother, originally wrongly accused, survived. Last year an elderly lady also lost her life similar. I wont comment here on the investigation, investigators or other but will say that there is a lot of facts missing. So go forward to the Coroner's case for the Old Lady. As much as the Coroner's findings arent supposed to be questioned she found it outrageous that the AS 4575 Type A Gas Servicing Standard was not finalised and out for us to work to. She apparently appeared to be pissed and ordered this be rectified before the next heating season, which is now. So step through to today and guess what, they still havent got it together. They cant get teh outcomes that they "want" as it has been challenged.
    The stumbling block is "Testing for Carbon Monoxide Spillage" as the Regulator calls it. What is wanted is "Testing for Negative Pressure". Sorry, another important point is we are talking about open flued gas heaters or natural draught as some might know and understand. Yes we still use these and have heaps too. Five years ago the Regulators didnt know what Smoke Matches or Candles were. Now it like they are experts. In houses here we have a propensity to install exhaust fans, sometimes lots of them. Because of the Green-house hole in the ozone climate change we dont have ventilation into houses anymore. So with the smoke matches we have to check if the any and all of the fans are creating negative pressure inside the room at the gas heater. Simple, maybe. So we find negative pressure, OUR REGULATORS want us to, get this, OPEN A WINDOW as far is needed to negate the negative pressure of the fans. They are saying it is ACCEPTABLE to leave the GAS APPLIANCE connected as long as the window is left open.
    They want to put this process into AUSTRALIAN STANDARD 4575 so that all Licensed Gasfitters follow this procedure.
    Now I dont know how cold it gets in various parts of the States and Europe but I reckon snow and ice generally suggest it gets cold. How long do you think that window is going to stay open. How long would you or some of your clients leave a window open in the middle of winter.
    Now here downunder when you criticise a REGULATOR and question their reason you become an enemy of STATE. We believe that American Standards and "The Old Australian Standards" used to be goodbut now the way the AS4575 has been "handled" excuse my cynicism.
    Do you guys do similar with your Standards or is this the norm. When the standards are ready they are sent out for public comment. Do you guys get to contribute or does the Regulator step in and decide what they want to accept and what they dont. Is your system clear and transparent. Do you have a Gas Act legislated through your Parliament or Congress that says you cant leave an unsafe appliance connected.

    Sorry guys, got lots of questions about American Standards. Just wondering whether you guys have similar intelligence in your Regulators. Do you think Australia is progressive or other. I wonder if what our British Cousins think too.