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Flair Puck with Sanyo Mini-split

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  • Flair Puck with Sanyo Mini-split

    Anyone used the Flair Puck thermostats with a ductless mini-split system. They claim it is compatible with 99% of the mini-split systems out there.

    I'd like to put one on my Sanyo system in the shop. I would gain greater control and scheduling of run times than I have now in the limited functionality of the Sanyo remote. Right now all I can do is set the unit to come on every day at a specific time and turn off at a set time. I'd like to use the Puck because it makes control behave more like a smart thermostat and I can also operate the unit from anywhere using their smartphone app if need be.

    Not cheap @ $99 but crazy expensive either but I don't want to buy then find out it's garbage and fight to return it. So if anyone has installed one and could comment on any problems they had and what they like or dislike about it that would be great.
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