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Oil boiler or Electric Boiler?

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  • Oil boiler or Electric Boiler?

    For years, I am using an oil boiler as my house's primary heating source. I want to upgrade it to an electric boiler, but I'm kinda having second thoughts. Can you guys suggest to me what should I do? My current boiler is old enough to be replaced. Should I stick to an oil boiler or should I purchase an electric one? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Ralph
    It would depend on your budget and your city rules. In California Title 24 avoids many peoples to use electric water heaters especially tankless water heaters. Their plans reject during the energy estimation step in the city. However, in your state, CAMcheck energy estimation is a bit easier. If you have huge power consumption, it is not possible for you to use an electric water heater. The electric water heater is cheaper and easier to install and more confident in the home. The paramount issue is the electric plan of your home and the panel schedule of the plan.


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      I can't help you with the which is better question as it sort of depends on the cost of oil vs electricity in TN and how its going to trend over the next few years.

      But one thing to look at is if your house insurance agent would have anything to say about still having an oil boiler/oil tank? Depending on how old your existing tank is or the capacity insurance companies may not want to issue you a new policy due to the large cleanup costs if there is a tank leak or overfill. Or they will up the yearly policy a lot to cover any potential claim.

      It sort of reminds me of what they are doing to houses with knob and tube wiring that don't have issues but are not being renewed or being rated higher cost.

      Also would there be any state "green incentives" to install an electric boiler over an oil one?


      • Bob D.
        Bob D. commented
        Editing a comment
        That's one of the reasons we switched to NG from oil. I wanted to get that 35 year old tank out of the ground in our front yard before it had a leak. I was there when they pulled it out and tested the ground, no leaks and soil test came back good. Tank was in good condition and really didn't look 35 years old. But I am still glad it's gone. I don't think NG is any cheaper overall but burns cleaner and we'll never have to worry about running out of oil. Never did in 20 years as we had automatic delivery but still. The heat pump does the majority of the work now anyway. Boiler only kicks in when it's below 40F outside.