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  • What to do?

    My outside AC unit has a leak at the service valve I think that is what it is called. It is going to cost over $500 to fix it. The unit is over 10 years old and I am thinking of replacing it. Current unit is not a heat pump but uses strips to heat with. To replace the ouside unit only is around $1800. For $4100 I can replace everything with a York 10 seer heat pump. So what should I do?
    SSG, U.S. Army
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    heat pump

    Todd, first you must tell us if you intend to use this for heat. What is your current heating system?

    10seer is not the latest greatest. Current standards are 13seer. A 10seer unit will be less expensive and less efficient.


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      I do plan on using it for heat. They are working up a price for a 13 seer. My current heat is electric. I think it is called a 3 strip unit in the air handler.
      SSG, U.S. Army
      K.I.S.S., R.T.F.M.


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        I think you know the heat pump is more energy efficient than the electric heater. There are still many questions to be answered. Heat pumps are most effective when the temperature is not really cold. As the temp gets below freezing, or below 0, the unit may need to use resistance heat to work. At lower temps there simply is not enough heat in the outside air to make the system operate. If you live in a climate that is quite mild, maybe you will use the unit seldom enough to make the additional cost pay off.

        In other words, you have posed a complex problem that requires more information that is available here. Generally the locals will know the appropriate equipment for your location.

        Your current equipment is about half used up. Generally HVAC equipment has a life expectancy of 20years. It should not be leaking yet, but it apparently is. If it has several leaks, it's likely not worth fixing. There will likely be more as time progresses. Normally things fail at an increasing rate over time.

        Good luck


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          What to do?

          I have a new home in southern mississippi where the climate is mostly hot with a few cold days in the winter. So A/C is primary usage, but my heat pump works great.

          If your house is not new, has lots of windows, high ceilings, poorly insulated, or does not have an adequate size duct/plennum...... a heat pump unit may not operate properly for your house. It's important for your A/C contractor to do a heat load analysis to properly size the unit for your house so it will cool adequately in the summer, give you lots of heat in winter, and not trip the high pressure reset in the heating mode on cool days.

          Investigate different brands and try to pick one with a copland scroll compressor because this compressor is almost bullet proof and provides excellent service in heat pump enviornments.

          Call your A/C company by surprise on Saturday night or late in the evening to see if they answer their phone in emergencies or they call you back on Monday morning so you would have been without A/C or heat all night or all weekend!!!! If you get an answer service and nobody calls you back until monday......keep looking for a contractor that really does have good emergency service.

          Good Luck


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            i would get prices on some different brands amana ,trane ect.
            york is not the best but not the worst.
            I'd pay a little more for a better unit.
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              TOD, It’s your hard earned money you’re spending here. I have been a contractor in this industry for 35 years. I’ve sold every brand on the market including Carrier for twenty years. I have sold Trane exclusively for the last 12 years. You can’t buy a better-built unit in its class at any price. At the rate oil is being manipulated, the price of electricity won’t be far behind. Go for the bang now and get a whole lot later. Don’t settle for any thing less than 14 seer. Which also makes you eligible for the energy rebate. Look for a quality dealer (Comfort Specialst) at trane .com. Hope this helps, Bob


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                Don't buy anything less than 13 seer. 10 seer wher only available last year and aren't eff. at all. pluss don't use heat pump if you live in northern climates