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  • Janitrol... Agian.

    I have a Janitrol A/C unit (inside unit installed in 84') that gives me nothing but problems. I continually hear noises from the indoor unit, find water underneath the unit. The unit seems to come on all of the time and when it does, it runs four long periods of time.

    I keep the system set to 84 degrees in the summer time (Florida) which feels like 74 degrees to be honest with you.

    We had the unit completly cleaned and had the coil replaced when we first bought the house. It seemed to do fine for the first six months, but the then the noises began. (I know, sounds like a horror flick)

    I do have a home warranty, which does cover the unit. The same service man has been called to my home on three separate occasions. Once we had a leak on the outside unit (not Janitrol), hade to have the outside units condensor/blower relpaced(?) and once we called for continues running.

    I've called the warranty comany again, and scheduled an appointment, and I noticed the same service guy will be coming out to check the system.
    he seems like a pretty nice guy.

    basicly what I'm asking for, are some questions to ask the service man.
    I have no idea what to ask, and I'm begining to think that he is just applying band-aids to the problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just had a Janitrol A/C and a Goodman Furnace replaced. My system was of 1990-91 vintage. I live in Northern California where the summers are 90 to 110 degrees and the unit never did adequately cool the house unless it ran continuously. There was so much condensation in the attic that the plywood floor had started to deteriorate. About 4 years ago I started to have to have major parts replaced each year. First the condenser fan, next year all capacitors plus recharge of refrigerant due to leaks. The third year I had to replace the condenser fan again and more refrigerant. Finally, this winter my furnace just quit. Janitrol/Goodman are the cheapest builder units available and have nearly the worst repair rating according to Consumer Reports.

    I replaced everything with an American Standard HVAC system and I've never been more comfortable. I have to listen carefully to hear if the system is on. It runs intermittently to heat or cool and not continuously like the old units. The Janitrol outside condenser used to sound like a jet engine and now the condenser fan and compressor are not audible unless I go outside and get within 10 feet of the unit.

    The old A/C was barely 8 SEER and my electric bill has dropped by 50% due to the new 14 SEER unit that was installed. My gas bill has dropped by 35% due to the higher efficiency furnace.

    Based upon my experience I would shop to replace the Janitrol / Goodman units with new high efficiency equipment. Goodman makes Goodman, Janitrol and Amana equipment.


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      Quality of installation

      Most if not all the problems indicated from the above posts are from improper installation not equipment problems.

      Water under the indoor unit can come from a mulitiude of problems from improper drain installation to lack of trap on the condensate drain.

      Running a lot generally means to small of a unit.

      I sold the brand that starts with a "C" for over twenty five years. The in-warranty problems would run as high as 60% at times on new units. The refrigeration coils leaked on most new units , they were made in Mexico. The gas furnace's secondary heat exchanger was steel coated with plastic and I believe still are, if the plastic was scored during manufacture the heat exchanger failed in the first two to five years. They had pilot problems on the first generation of pilotless furnaces. The circuit boards failed, there were about seven to ten series that had high failure rates.The outdoor coil guards rusted under the plastic in about five years, making the customer very irritated. I could go on and on about the name brand quality the customer paid for.

      We finally dropped the line when we could no longer stand the warranty costs and bad customer relations. We went to Goodman/Janitrol and our failure rates dropped to a reasonable figure.

      I installed a Goodman system in my house about ten years ago, never had any problem. Most system problems are improper and untrained installation. Equipment sizing, duct sizing and system layout and/or installation techniques are most of the problems, unless the equipment is like the brand we sold.

      The problems with some brands are the lack of a trained dealer network. They require no standards of their dealers, there is where the brands get a bad name that is often not deserved.

      I will never buy a brand name due to the higher cost and what I found to be lower quality. The customer paid a premium and all they got was the advertising. All brands generally use the same brand compressors, service valves, motors, contactors, caps, fan blades ect. The only difference is cabinet and coil design. The installation and sizing is 80% of a good installation. Look at the dealer instead of the brand name, a poor installaton can screw up the best equipment, we found a good installation with poor equipment has the same result.
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        "The old A/C was barely 8 SEER and my electric bill has dropped by 50% due to the new 14 SEER unit that was installed. My gas bill has dropped by 35% due to the higher efficiency furnace".

        How is that related to the fact it was Janitrol? You installed more efficient equipment and the result was decreased energy consumption. Did someone sell you a 8 SEER (EER) and you did not know what you were buying? I would expect if you installed the same in Goodman, Janitrol and Amana equipment you would get the same results for a lot less than what you paid. By the way Goodman comes with a five year warranty and on the 14 SEER as long as you own the unit compressor warranty ( I think that is correct).

        We looked at selling the American Standard brand but felt the wholesale costs were to high as compared with other brands and most customers would not be willing to pay the higher costs for the same comparable equipment. Also at that time they had aluminum spline fin condenser coils, I don't know if they still do. Either way you paid a premium, I hope you got a good installation from a reputable dealer.
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          Call out a service Expert Co. in your area. go to