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    HVAC Hawk,

    Thanks for Amana recommendation, I think I'm going to get two or three quotes and we'll check that out.

    Regarding the heigth in the basement, I'm hoping there plenty (about 7 ft) for a vertical, as floor space is also at a premium with the laundry room, utility area, and hopefully one half of the basement for a new shop. We're keeping our fingers crossed anyway.




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      Thanks for all your advice, my new trane will be installed this week


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        Originally posted by wbrooks
        Thanks for all your advice, my new trane will be installed this week

        very good choice , good unit

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        new work pictures 12/09


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          Originally posted by FINER9998
          Any observations here regarding Carrier units? Reliability, servicibility, functionality? Primary home heating is gas hot water through radiators which were zoned into 4 zones two years ago so no plans to go with hot air heat, although I prefer it to radiators. Any do's and dont's comments reagrding what a conrtractor might propose would also be appreciated.
          I sold that brand for twenty five (more or less) years before changing brands. I would not personally install Carrier in my house.

          Finally after our warranty claims from leaking refrigerant coils (made in Mexico), multiple series of failed circuit boards over several year period, secondary heat exchangers, inducer motors, pilot burners and other problems we went to Goodman (Janitrol). Our warranty claims dropped to a minimum immediately.

          Personally I prefer hot water heat, it is quiet and cleaner. More expensive especially if you are going to add air, esentially you will install two seperate systems. You might look a the mini remote (TPAC) systems if your load is not real high and you truly want zoned cooling. There is one brand that used to have real problems with reliability, I cannot remember the Japanese sounding name. I don't believe in conumer reports so do your own research on the net.

          Our warranty claims with Goodman went to almost nothing as compared to before. Generally warranty claims are associated with poor installation ie. compressors and the lilke. In our case we had a high set of quality standards and the brand was the problem.

          The very best brand and the very poor brands are no better than the quality of installation. Try to avoid the variable speed and fancy units. They are nice and create better confort with less noise BUT the costs and reliablility often are not worth the cost. I can remember doing a quote on the very top of the line system, the customer bought just the opposite after telling me they wanted the best! I learned real quick to put the low price first.

          The manufacturers want you to push the higher priced units for their benefit but most people get real cranky when the warranty expires and the controller card costs seven hundred dollars to replace. Generally you loose a customer and we lost several due to the poor quality of the name brand we sold. The dealer gets the credit in the customer's eyes, seldom do they blame the manufacture. Their advertising says how cool and good they will look with brand "A". The consumer pays for the advertising of the "name brand" systems and ultimately gets less.
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            Thorn..thanks for the comments. About 3 weeks ago, our installation was completed and your comment about the installation quality rang true. After looking over a lower(Home Depot) and a higher quote, we went with a small local guy whose installations were almost a thing of beauty while being the second highest price. He even ran our refrigerant lines down the side of the house in sections of leader into a 4"pvc drain pipe which was buried a few inches below grade so the lines could be run to the rear of the house. They exited the pipe above grade and were cnnected to the compressor. This run was necessitated by local set back codes to the only place the compressor could be placed, according to the installer and the architect(yes, architect..our town required drawings and a permit). I hope you are wrong about Carrier as it's what we chose. We wanted Puron and the installer offered us American Standard for the same price. The swing vote was his comment that of all the manufacturers he knew of, Carrier had the most experience with 410A. We'll see as time goes by.
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              My experience with Carrier goes back about twenty eight years. I would have chosen Trane, they have a good compressor but still use aluminum spline fin condenser coils I believe. If so, regularly clean the coil (properly and safely ask your dealer) with a water hose (no coil cleaner) during the operating season.

              As far as the Puron refrigerant goes I would not allow young children play around the outdoor unit. The pressures with that refrigerant are high (more than R-22) both on the low and hi pressure sides. My opinion I could see no or very little difference in the coil construction between the high pressure (Puron) and the R-22 units. My opinion, a child could poke a hole in the outdoor coil and due to the high pressure be seriously hurt or blinded. This could also happen with any refrigerant with an unprotected coil (one where you can see the aluminum fins) but in my opinion the Puron due to its higher pressure has greater risk of serious injury. I did not like the units and would not sell them considering any cost savings, safety and return on investment to the customer. I always felt the compressors worked harder at the higher pressures/temperatures developed during the run cycle.

              The refrigerant lines inside a cover is an excellent idea, we used downspout to match the existing downspout color and PVC because of electrollysis concerns between aluminum and copper. Place a piece of aluminum against a copper tube and eventually due to the dissimilar metals you will have a hole in the copper.

              Kind of expensive to have plans to install a new system but a good protection for the consumer if the plans are followed. Check and see if they were, it is your house. If I were your dealer I would encourage you to inspect my work. If you pay a premium expect a premium job.
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                I have just installed a new Lennox 21 seer two stage a/c with a Lennox Humiditrole driven by a Lennox G61uhv36c090. The a/c is a 3 ton. The system is controlled by the Lennox Signiture stat. I'm able to controle the humidity with out compromising the room temp but within one deg. I'm a Service Expert employee or in short a Lennox service / install tech / feild supervisor. We do install Trane equipment as well, but I'm sure you understand why I'm partial to Lennox. Remember, if you controle the humidity in your home, you can make that 78 deg room feel real comfortalbe. Good luck.