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Pools of water drom drain tube.

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  • Pools of water drom drain tube.

    i had a Janitrol system installed about 4 months ago in a house that had no ac. It is outside of the house and my plastic drain tube constantly drains water. the sun does not hit the area due to lots of trees, and the system is right up against the house. the water has formed pools of water and shows no signs of stopping, if we turn the ac off for a couple of days the water goes away. is there something i can do to stop the constant draining? if not, any suggestions to stop it would be appreciated.


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    No way to stop the water. It is from condinsation from the atmosphere. Sounds like your unit is setting in a low spot if the water is pooling up next to it and staying there. Get a piece of 1 1/2" PVC pipe and a 45degree elbow for it. Drill a bunch of holes 3/16-1/4" along the length of the pipe about every 1-2". Bury this pipe in the yard with the elbow sticking out right under the drain tube. This will distribute the water down under ground and spread it out over the length of the pipe and stop the pooling in that area. 3-4' in length will suffice.


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      like someguy said it is the condensation from the unit .

      you can also just extend the pipe along the house to a garden bed or to a spot that can use the water

      hope this helps

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        repipe drain to an interior drain or the other side of home