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A/C blower acting up

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  • A/C blower acting up

    Not sure how to explain but here we go. Over the weekend my water heater blew up and leaked everywhere, leaking water in where the blower pulls it air. Now anytime the A/C runs it seems to vibrate and create pressure in our laundry room and near the inside intake area. Kinda like when someone has a window slightly open in a car - if that makes sense. It blows cold air out but i am a little worried that the more we run it the worst things are going to get. We live in Arizona so it is essential. I did notice some of the silver tape is leaking cold air but i do not know if it was doing that before the water heater problem or not. Thanks for any and all help or suggestions!

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    sound like you have water in the ducts.

    was the air intake or ducts below the water level of your flood?

    phoebe it is


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      I do not believe they were. If there is water in the ducts how do i correct this - do i snake a shop vac house down the intake vent? I appreciate the help.


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        Most air ducts are not air tight much less water tight so any that did get blown up there will drip out and evaporate. The blower itself may be water tight and it may have sucked a bunch up into the impeller. Open it up (kill the furnace power first) and pull the blower, check for water and drain if necessary. If things got really wet you may need to grease fittings / bearings depending on damage and type of blower


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          is it metal duct or fiberglass duct board .if it is duct board or metal with fiberglass on the in side make sure you get it dried out soon so you do not get mold in the duct .

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            blower noise

            shut off power to fan and look into the blower wheel and make sure nothing got suck into the fan causing it to go out of balance like pc of foil tape insulation or just a lint ball that got wet and balled up and or the air filter can come apart when wet jeff


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              Thanks all for the replies - the blower was the problem and Jeff hit it on the nose - it was a piece of insulation the size of a baseball that was causing all the racket. Again thanks for all the replies.


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                Sounds to me like you got water in your blower housing and the blower blade is hitting it. This will cause the blower wheel to vibrate. We go throe this every thim we wash out a coil. We now pull the blower out>Wash>Drill a 1/4" drain hole in the bottom. Hope this helps, Bob


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                  We go throe this every thim we wash out a coil

                  A little hard on direct drive electric motors if you have water on the blower wheel when you clean the evap coil?

                  A good idea to drill a hole in the blower scroll but your second idea is better to remove and clean the whole housing to protect the motor and clean out the wheel. A better quality service call, explain to the customer why the extra time/costs as it is better for them and their equipment.

                  If the coil is dirty, the dirt goes through the blower wheel. While you are there oil the motor. Sometimes the blower assy can be awkward to remove due to the wiring, I used to carry male and female insulated spade terminals and just cut and reconnect the wires to make it easier. Still looks like original somewhat but much easier and you don't have to look up or remember where the wires went.
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