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Kitchen exhaust ducting

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  • Kitchen exhaust ducting

    i bought a new Zephyr exhaust fan for the range, and would like to clean the ducts (10 X 3.5 rect) and reseal them with foil tape.

    the ducting goes directly back into my garage and then outside. What R value insulation should i use? (Didn't have any before)

    what number foil tape should i use? and is the water based duct sealant more beneficial?


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    since you're blowing the air out, insulation would not accomplish anything. Either the duct seal or the foil tape should do fine, both would be redundant. The issue here is to keep the grease (if there is any) from leaking at the joints.

    Cleaning could be the only significant issue. The residue in the duct will be greasy. a soft brush isn't going to accomplish anything. You could try degreaser, but this will get messy.


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      Originally posted by BigThom
      since you're blowing the air out, insulation would not accomplish anything.
      .... in new Mexico

      Up here in the frozen north if you don't insulate your exhaust (kitchen and bath) you end up with water dripping back into the house. When the moisture laiden air hits the sub zero temperature the moisture in the air flashes into water or frost if its cold enough. During long cold spells you can get significant frost build up in the pipe and then when it finally warms up the water flows back into the house from the vertical sections, and out the vent if the horizontal portion is sloped right and the joints are sealed.

      You don't need a great deal of insulation, 1" is plenty, up here there are premaid 'socks' that fit over the pipes and have a plastic barrier attached as well


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        thanks for the response fellas.