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A/C External Drain Dry Well

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  • A/C External Drain Dry Well

    The external drain for my A/C unit is only 6" away from the wall. I worry about the constant moisture near my foundation will attract termites. What is the best way to solve this problem?
    I have read about filling an empty 5 gal plant pot w/ rocks/gravel and burying it directly below the drain, but it would still be near the wall. I guess I could fill below the 5 gal pot w/ a foot or 2 of rock to drain the water below the level of the foundation.

    Another suggestion was to use 4" PVC x 1', then transition to a 45 degree elbow then to a 3' x 4" PVC section, buried below ground and terminate into a reservoir filled w/ gravel/rocks.

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    depending on the size of the a/c unit and the humidity, you can drip 5-20 gallons a day. that's alot of water to get rid of on a daily basis.

    why not try to pipe is somewhere useful?

    phoebe it is


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      how about connecting a condensate pump draining into a utility sink ?


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        To connect it to anything, it would have to go uphill. I doubt there is sufficient water pressure for it to defy gravity.


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          Originally posted by dietz
          how about connecting a condensate pump draining into a utility sink ?
          If you use a condensate pump, you might want to get one with the level switch. Then if (when) the pump fails (cause they all do eventually), the level switch will stop the AC unit from running, so that the condensate will not overflow the drain and leak all over the floor. You'll realize something is wrong when the blower is not running
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            hvac drain solution?

            my system runs downhill [lucky me!] so my contractor is going to tie in both hvac drains to my house's gutter downspout drains, eventually going to a cistern lower on the property.

            may i suggest that you plant a larger tank or small cistern and use it for watering plants, etc., with the outflow? otherwise, build a catch basin and put a sump pump in it to pump it to an appropriate drain when enough water collects inside?

            all the best.