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    What does this mean on a furnace?

    And what is the danger of making a new roll out guard?

    I'm asking since the sellers of the home are not going to replace the furnace and insist that since it has been green tagged it is fine, yet it leaks CO out the top!!!!!!
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    Found this
    All it means is that it was adjusted maybe back in 98, furnace could have cracked an exchanger since the inspection/adjustment


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      A green tag on a furnace means the installation has passed a visual inspection at the time of installation. This means the furnace connection to the plenum and the vent look fine. NO ONE ever does a CO inspection as part of a construction inspection, at least not here in Albuquerque.

      As a practical matter it would be impossible to do the CO inspection at that point. We complete the mechanicals, call for inspection and merc test. Assuming we pass, we get a green tag on the Furnace, the Water Heater, and the Gas Fireplace, along with an orange tag on the gas stub out. After passing these inspections we can order a gas meter.