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2 year old Heatpump stopped working today!

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  • 2 year old Heatpump stopped working today!

    2 year old Heatpump stopped working today!

    My parents 2 year old Heat pump stopped working today .. When I turned it on today .. the light on the thermostat came on for a second and it went out … and then the whole system was dead! Nothing works, no heat, no cold, and no fan .. I checked the breakers (turned it on and off) and no luck! Any idea what could cause a sudden stop of the system?. .Could there be a problem with t-stat? The thermostat is original (manual) and about 20 years old … should I go ahead and replace it. If so, do all thermostats have the same number of wires in the back and it is just a matter of taking the old out and attaching the wires to the new one?

    Also, is there anyway to short the wires to thermostat to see if the system works before I buy and try to replace it.


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    By transformer, u mean the low voltage one that i think supplies power to the t-stat? I know in my own unit it was inside and i had to open things up to get to it (don't ask why i was taking my unit apart! well, there was a short and i was lucky to find it) ... anyway, so u r saying that this transformer has it's own fuse? and i am guessing it is somewhere close the tranformer . .i will look for it .. also, if the t-stat is the problem, how would i know which one is a fit? and what is a sub-base?.. thanks.


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      Here is the website for Ritetemp and the controller I bought. There is online help for wiring, troubleshooting and Q&A.
      There is also a section for Heat Pumps


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        Thanks all for the help . .i won't get to go to my parent s until mid-this week to have it checked for them . .yes, I do have a volt meter and very familiar with electrical circuits/electricity so i'll be careful as to not short circuit anything .. as long as the problem is electrical, i should be able to trouble shoot and fix . .just need to get a book (or the helps provided by good people like you) to learn about HVAC electrical systems

        Still confused about types of T-stat .. I thought they should be all compatible! that's why when they had the heat pump replaced a couple years ago, they kept the old t-stat .. and when u go buy one, i don't think any where on the packaging says this t-stat is compatible with such and such brands!

        by the way, their t-sta is an old honeywell and the heatpump itself is sears/kenmoore.

        Anyway, I’ll go take a look at that website mentioned.


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          all Tstats will not work with heat pumps, they must say heat pump compatible but you will still have lots to choose from


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            well, i got lucky! i went to my parents to take a look .. the first thing i tested was the breakers which they were fine . . next i opened the gray fuse box that takes power to the inside unit .. i tested the 2 60amp fuses and one of them was bad .. after a trip to home depot and $4 later, the unit was up and running .. the strange thing is that I tested the bad fuse later, and it was working fine!!! is it possible for a fuse to work one min and stops working 30 min later?


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              yes, i just replaced both fuses with new ones .. like i said, it was a $4 fix :-)

              I am just glad that the fuse was not working at the time i tested it! . .if it was working, i would have never thought that the fuse is faulty and would have started taking the whole thing apart ..

              Thanks all for your help and support. I was so happy for my parents .. a service call would have costed them a min of $100 and that's $100 that they can't afford right now.