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Installing new 2-wire thermostats

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  • Installing new 2-wire thermostats

    I swapped out 2 old manual thermostats for my heating only system (oil baseboard).

    I replaced them with thermostats that work with 2 wire (which I have) and other wiring options (they are non-programmable and digital).

    I could hear my furnace start and rumble when I raised the temp with the old thermostats. Now, I only hear the furnace kick in when I use the new upstairs thermostat. The downstairs radiators seem to heat up when I raise the downstairs thermostat, but I don't hear the furnace kick in (it's fairly loud because of improper piping when the house was built).

    I called the company, and they said to swap the thermostats, and I did, but nothing has changed. I checked the wiring at the stats and they are correctly wired.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    I think they are probably working. It is not unusual for people to think things are sounding different when something is changed. This is likely the case here. You did not pay specific attention prior to changing the t-stats, afterward you compared a specific situation to a general (non-specific) feeling.

    The two wire t-stats are merely a temperature controlled switch. they are on or off. You could wire-nut the wires together and it would turn the system on until the wires were separated again which would turn the system off.

    If you jumper the wires and the system works, but the t-stats won't turn the system on, the problem is in the t-stat.


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      did you adjust your heat ant. setting? or cycle rate per hour? If so you should call a Service Expert Co. in your area. These guys know there stuff.