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Thinking of buying ProPress tools

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  • Thinking of buying ProPress tools

    I have been thinking about investing in a ProPress setup for repair work when the water can't be off for a long time. I have a question about the jaws for 2-1/2" thru 4". Do more people use the XL jaws for the bronze fittings, or the XL-C jaws for the copper fittings? I'd guess both types of fittings are equally reliable, and is there a large cost difference between the two types? Also, what type of pressing tool do you use? Or, do you try to have two of them so if one of them dies, you can still make the repair?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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    Re: Thinking of buying ProPress tools

    mark, utah?

    good questions. if you don't have the tools yet, then purchase the xlc jaws for the copper 2.5''-4'' fittings. there are a few advantages to the xlc. they are approx. 15% less costly and the jaws have a built in swivel feature. a definite advantage.

    the propress tool you need is the 320 cordless or 400 corded.

    it is a huge advantage to have a second tool. i've had a tool go out while i had a limited shutdown. without the second tool, i would have been sunk.

    now i have 4 tools and 2 sets of xl/ brass jaws. if i buy another set of jaws, they will be the xlc. also heard a rumor that brass fittings will be phased out in a couple of years. just a rumor.

    catch up on the propress threads for more interesting reading.

    welcome to the ridgid forum and join the fun

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Thinking of buying ProPress tools

      Very good tool, highly recommend the Pro-press, if you go pro-press, go large, buy the largest unit with up to 4" jaws, Pro-Press has saved me so many times!

      Sadly I don't have access to the tool anymore because I started my own company, but I will tell you it is second on my list, k-60 is first