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PRO PRESS pressure rating question...

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  • PRO PRESS pressure rating question...

    Ok I am not gonna say where I work right now, but I have an important question.

    Someone installed Pro Press 1 Inch copper type M on a Fire Sprinkler System here. Jockey Pumps maintain around 180 PSI. Today I was instructed to pressure test this Pro Press system and see if it holds 200 PSI. So far it's been about 4 hours and it's holding.

    My question is for Fire Protection is Type M Copper and Pro Press Fittings Code and pressure rated correctly?

    THANKS in advance and if someone from Ridgid answers this can you give me a phone number to contact and confirm? THANKS

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    Re: PRO PRESS pressure rating question...

    according to the viega application guidelines.

    the temperature range is 32- 250 degrees Fahrenheit. pressure 200 psi.

    the fittings are type k or heavier.


    1-877-viega-na / 1-877-843-4262
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    phoebe it is