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are hand threaders hard to use

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  • are hand threaders hard to use

    I have seeen post and was wondering about hand threaders ratchet or electric. I dont do alot of gas line but looking to buy some type threader.Out of the to PLEASE give me some info on how hard they are to work. I have always used the 1210 and the 300 but one the 1210 broke alot of teeth. do the hand threaders brake teeth alot. do they make nice threads or is it better to wait it out and spend the money on the oil less one. thank you

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    Re: are hand threaders hard to use

    Very easy for most of us.
    How much are you planning to thread?
    Is price an issue?
    Ratcheting threaders are very user friendly and don't break teeth,as with all other threading devices I have used.
    P.M. SMORRIS the 1210 is his little baby.something is wrong if your breaking teeth.
    Do you have the titanium teeth?
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      Re: are hand threaders hard to use

      Price is a little issue. I work for a big plumbing company where i used the 1210 and it was the gold teeth. now i went out on my own just trying to start small and work up. i have never used a hand threader and was wondering what model is good to start with.I dont really do that much yet but tired of running to the local shop to have done. thank you for any help.


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        Re: are hand threaders hard to use

        I looked up some specs on the 1210.The one I was looking at only goes to 1".I would think a full scope service plumber would want something that would go through 2".I have two machines,an outdated Rothenberger 22A thread-o-matic,fast but a beast to get around.2nd an Amigo 2 portable but too slow of a process for any type of production in construction.

        The technology these days is providing great portable machines for the plumber.I can't see Ridgid breaking teeth as being acceptible to them.Are you using Ridgid coolant only?

        It would be nice to see you get the 1210 to work for you.What about the 1215,Goes to 1 1/2.Little heavier still manageable and you need to secure oil for transportation.
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          Re: are hand threaders hard to use

          The 1210 is actually my favorite tool! I have a plethora of tools at my disposal and I still love it

          It is super easy to use. . . even a girl can run it.
          I love my plumber

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            Re: are hand threaders hard to use

            I have a Wheeler Rex Sidekick 2. I bought it from Fergies a few years back for $1298. Because it wasn't in stock locally, they Fedexed it 2 day air from the mainland at no charge straight to my front door.

            I read somewhere this machine is made in Japan. Funniest thing, while in Japan last year, I saw a Wheeler Rex machine in the back of a plumbers truck,LOL.

            I like this portable machine which weighs only 58 lbs. Max 1" capacity.




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              Re: are hand threaders hard to use

              I sold my threader a while back,poly and csst are the ticket now adays.I have Ridgid hand dies that go up to 1-1/2",that's the largest I do by hand.The last one I purchased was not cheap,the 12r ratchet was about 80.00,the 1-1/4" die was around 100.00.Totally worth the money.I use my ridgid chain vise to hold my pipe.If you haven't hand threaded pipe,eat your wheaties!!!!For a job consisting of many cuts/threads ,I rent a pipe turning machine.I think the 12r handles from 1 1/4"-2".I use the 00 for 1/2"-1" then the 12r for 1-1/4"- 2".If you can afford it Ridgid has hand held power threaders which are the bomb! Good luck.


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                Re: are hand threaders hard to use

                Hand threading is not hard unless your hand threading 2" pipe, It is more time consuming,

                The local KN energy gas company has never provided the local employee a power threader, only a Ridgid R12 kit,

                If one wants one and use the hand threaders, one can add at a later date a power drive.

                hand sets,

                hand power drives
                Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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                  Re: are hand threaders hard to use

                  For a very long time, I used nothing but hand threaders. I am blessed with my full set of power threaders, up to 2".

                  Like I mentioned before, if you are unable to afford power threaders, why not get certified in trac pipe?? Material is a bit more expensive, but installation is a breeze. Just check your local codes