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  • 1210 factory threads

    smorris, want to thank you for a machine that produces a thread similar to the factory threads

    i had a 1'' gas job yesterday with fletcher coat (green coating). typically this is a pain to thread with hand dies or a 700 12r dies. the coating is too thick for the die head to slip threw the follower.

    so i bring my 1210 oil less 40# threader to the job and sit it on the grass the threads this little machine cuts are identical to a factory thread. sure i could have brought my heavy 300 machine or my heavier collins 22a or even my 700 with a tripod. but i chose to use my 1210.

    the little threader that could

    thanks steve for the great machine. can you design a 300 die head with the oil less dies and cooling fluid for 1.25''-2''

    phoebe it is

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    Re: collins 22a

    I always liked those Collins machines when I got a chance to use one. I like the automatic jaws and fast cutting and cutting oil pumped right through the head. Those were features you didn't find on most threaders 30 years ago.
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      Re: 1210 factory threads

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      smorris, want to thank you for a machine that produces a thread similar to the factory threads
      Thanks! Always good to hear someone using it. Although not sold in quantities like the larger machines, it is still one of my favorites, and I know it is one of yours, too.

      An oilless larger machine would generate so much heat in the threads that the speed would need to slow to a crawl. Just compare the heat when threading 1/2" vs. 1" and imagine what 2" would be like. Picture big smoking blue chips coming off of the pipe. Imagine what that would do to die life.

      Thanks again,