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Manual Propress tool?

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  • Manual Propress tool?

    This may be a dumb question but why cant Ridgid make a manual propress tool for sizes up to 1"? How much force does it take to make the joint work? I can see using the machine for larger dia. pipe but for smaller size I don't see why a crimp style tool would not work.
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    Re: Manual Propress tool?

    Ironic, last week I was at Fergusons & struck up chat with the counter guy about the propress display and joked that it doesn't matter how easy it is on wet pipes, $2200 is just a bit much for the convenience...
    Low and behold he pulls out a manual crimper.
    Dunno who it's made by, but it's less than $200.
    I have yet to use Propress, doubt I will, cause I'm a wuss with anything new.
    I have to wonder though...if a mechanized crimper has been the popular tool, I imagine it's gotta be a workout to use the manual one.


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      Re: Manual Propress tool?

      at 7200# of crimping force at the ram, i doubt the hand unit will be able to apply the force necessary to crimp and seal the oring.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Manual Propress tool?

        hmm ya got me thinking about something now. I am gonna have to talk to RIDGID Dave about this one. The pressing tools will always be far superior to any manual crimp tool you could make. Like Rick said thats a heck of a lot of pressure. However, what if we build something that ratcheted. That would allow you to get enough leverage through range of motion. You would pry have to ratchet the thing like 10 times to make a crimp though.


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          Re: Manual Propress tool?

          I think the ProPress is great the way it is.

          To use a ratchet type would be to time consuming and I am not sure if I would trust that the crimp would be 100% perfect each time, with the propress gun, you get it right everytime, if not, the gun tells you.

          The new propress gun crimps in 5 seconds instead of 10, excellent. I also like the way the new gun has the key pad on the back, instead of the top, easier to see.

          I have a new tool to my list, the k-60 and the ProPress....I need win the ridgid video contest



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            Re: Manual Propress tool?

            I agree with Robert, this sounds like the idea of the pex crimper that uses a set of pliers. See them on Ebay all the time. I wouldn't sacrifice Ridgid quality to appeal to the masses.
            Buy cheap, buy twice.