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  • solid and hollow

    Is there a difference between threading solid iron rod and hollow pipe?
    Reason is I want to make 3/4 diameter anchor bolts for a foundation and can borrow a 3/4 pipe threading die.
    Are the threads different?? Are the diameters different??
    Also I want to make 3/8 through bolts from iron rod and thread the ends.
    What kind of die for this??

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    Re: solid and hollow


    Just look up 3/4 bolt thread die on your computer.

    3/4 is the inside diameter of pipe
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      Re: solid and hollow

      Thanks dh,
      Another question.......................
      Can you cut threaded rod with a pipecutter or do you need a hacksaw?


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        Re: solid and hollow

        hack saw, metal cutting band saw or metal chop saw, In my opinion,

        you would probly break a pipe cutter and it would follow the thread,

        you can look in to a product called "ALL THREAD" or " thread rod" it is a rod that is all ready threaded, it comes in 3 foot length and 6 foot length, most small stored only carry the 3 foot lengths, but a place like MSC, or ENCO or Baum Hydraulics, or other industrial supply one can get it in 6 foot lengths, you could try fastenal or Gr angers. or type in "threaded rod" in a Google search,

        and the easiest way to field cut it in my opinion is to run a nut down on it and then saw it and preferable grind it square and slightly beveled and then unscrew the nut, the nut will knock back any burs left that can hinder starting a nut, (If field cutting and if it is not square, one may have to watch starting your nuts on to the rod),

        it can be bent, the larger sizes heat helps,

        and you can get it in grade 2, grade 5, and grade 8 the same as most bolts, in many different threads, fine, coarse, metric, and acme and can come in stainless, plated steel and black.


        to thread steel rod, on would need a bolt die, there are some machines that use special dies like pipe dies for rod threading , but most are just the round or hex shaped rod dies used in hand powered holders, Ridgid makes a special bolt dies to be used in there threading tools, as well, second picture is of a hand die, and the second is for the Ridgid hand or 700 power threader, and and do make some for some of the stationary machines, and there are different versions of dies, some use a holder like the Ridgid and have replaceable teeth, and some are hex shaped, and some are round and some are round split and there are two piece units, all take a different holder and set up.

        My guess is you would do better with the "All thead rod" look around the price can vary much from place to place,
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          Re: solid and hollow

          Thanks BH,
          I ordered 3/8 - 16 all thread in 3 foot lengths.
          The 3/4 bolts we wont need; going with slab on grade and block walls.


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            Re: solid and hollow

            I know you found your solution but you cannot cut solid rod with a pipe cutter. A pipe cutter displaces the metal as the cutter revolves around the pipe. Look inside the pipe halfway through a cut. With a solid rod, the displaced metal has no where to go and something has to give.
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              Re: solid and hollow

              Didn't know that GJ.