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  • RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings

    I've heard some questions/comments lately regarding the new RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings (see attached photo). For those who aren't yet familiar with them, these are the swivelling ring sets for 1/2" - 1-1/4" press fittings (copper & stainless). The rings are designed to allow better access in tight areas where pressing would normally be difficult or impossible. The kit contains four rings and an actuator (or two actuators if you order the combo kit).

    You do not need to buy a new press tool! You simply need to obtain the correct kit or actuator for use with the RIDGID press tool you already own. For example, the V1 Actuator will work with ANY Standard RIDGID Press Tool (RP330, 320E, CT400) and allow you to use all four rings. The C1 Actuator will work with the current 100-B compact tool.

    NOTE: The rings in the V1 Kit are the exact same rings that are used in the C1 kit. They are identical! You simply need to purchase the actuator that works with your tool. If you have a standard AND a compact tool, purchase a C1/V1 Combo Kit that contains both actuators. Then you can use the rings with either tool!

    Rest assured that any future RIDGID press tools will also be designed to work with these actuators. We love this idea as it allows you to press in areas that you would otherwise have to sweat. These are great rings, especially for repair jobs or in retrofit situations. More details are on our website or post your questions here and I'll try to answer them.

    Thanks again. I hope this helps clear up any confusion.
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    Re: RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings

    Thanks for posting this Dave. There have been some folks looking for this and I never know where to direct em. Could you add Cat #s to your first post. Then it would be perfect.


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      Re: RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings

      joey, are you reading this

      i know your researching my next birthday gift.

      this should come in at about the same cost as the bidet seat i bought you

      the difference is the propress rings would get used all the time

      while the bidet still is nicely gift wrapped in the box

      josh, dave, how would fred feel about a bidet in the executive restroom.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings

        Rick, I thought you already had these??? I have gotten about 4 pms over the last few months from forum members about what cat #s these are. I have been clueless. I got another email through the webmaster mailbox so I decided to have Dave post something I could link to. He just forgot to put up the cat #s


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          Re: RIDGID Standard ProPress Rings

          I've attached the Catalog numbers here. Be advised we are launching the 1-1/2" and a 2" rings beginning in October...ish. These two larger sizes use the V2 Actuator (it's the same one in the XL-C Kit, so if you already pressing large diameter, you're set!). Why can't you just use the V1?? Well, because the force required to press 1-1/2" and above is much higher, so a bigger actuator is required. We went with the V2 because most plumbers have those already for large diameter presses. In the meantime, 1/2" - 1-1/4" rings are available and shipping now.

          In short:

          V1 = Standard Tool Actuator for 1/2" - 1-1/4" Rings
          V2 = Standard Tool Actuator for 1-1/2" - 4" Rings
          C1 = Compact Tool Actuator 1/2" - 1-1/4" Rings
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