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  • Wow Propress Jaws

    I didn't realize the cost of the jaws plus the actual machine (100-b)
    The propress I bought had 1/2 to 1 1/2 viega proflow jaws which I don't see me using so I had to buy some standard propress copper jaws and some standard crimp jaws for pex. But if you actually bought all the jaws for all the models wow!
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    Re: Wow Propress Jaws

    It's definitely an investment. But, after seeing the testing and engineering that goes into making each jaw and ensuring it will give you the number of crimps it claims, it is worth the price.

    You have to work out how much you would use it. You will do many more jobs using propress, but the machine and fittings are more expensive.

    Even factoring in the price of fittings, it works out for the h/o and you because the job can be done quicker and in special conditions. Like, you don't have the inconvenience of shutting off the water to replace one small piece.
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