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  • Ridgid 122

    Im using Ridgid 122 to cut Stainless Steel Pipe,
    But the specification of the RIDGID mentioned it use for copper pipe,
    how ever it can be change the blade as Stainless Steel cutter.

    Recently I having a very serious problem with this cutter is,
    it will caused my pipe surface sctraches due to rolling effect on the pipe between Roller and the top press guide roller,
    can assist how to reduce this sctratches? or this model not suitable for stainless steel pipe?
    My stainless steel pipe spec:
    stainless steel grade: 201
    wall thickness 0.7mm
    Outer diamater: 28mm

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Ridgid 122

    Sounds like tracking which is usually the result of tool abuse/damage or its caused by an IO.
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