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Bonding 90 degree black pipe

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  • Bonding 90 degree black pipe

    One more question regarding black pipe -- with my current project, I have two sections of black pipe joined at 90 degrees. One length can be considered an axle, while the other is a "handle" to rotate the axle.

    I've assembled these pipes as tight as I can, but obviously need further bonding power, as when I rotate the handle, the axel doesn't spin, but rather threads, or un-threads the 90 degree connection (the axel is attached to a rather heavy load).

    What's the best way to bond these items? Will a product like Loctite Sumo do the trick? Can I solder black pipe? Or should I be looking into welding?


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    Re: Bonding 90 degree black pipe

    If ya got it, weld it.

    A couple of tack welds sound like they would go a long way in your application.

    Good Luck



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      Re: Bonding 90 degree black pipe

      If not, drill through the joint (both the pipe and fitting) and pin it with a bolt and nut.
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